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How Do You Rebuild a Shattered Life
People do die of hunger in America, and many go without critically needed medical care. Diabetes has reached epidemic numbers in our children, largely due to the habits we, as a society have adopted. Can you imagine starting out life with such a burden? Maybe it's time for a change.

Humpty Dumpty House was founded by jannike petrovska, a gardener,  biologist, wheelchair athlete, third year medical student, designer, and one of the Jaycees Ten Oustanding Young Persons of the World for medical innovation based on her work in paralysis research and clinical rehabilitation. Paralyzed from the chest down and bedridden from the effects of third degree burns, inhalation injuries, pressure sores, poverty, and isolation,  jannike experienced first-hand the devastation that results from lack of food, funds, and medical care.  She vowed that if she made it through her ordeal, she would do everything she could to make sure others in her community would never have to experience it. During her time of grief from the loss of her dream to become a doctor, she threw herself into the hard physical labor of designing and building a series of gardens, mostly with discards from the neighborhood. Alma Fajardo, a disadvantaged teenager with a transplanted heart and diabetes from the age of eight helped her. Together they created the Humpty Dumpty House gardens. Their message was that with love and care,  even things regarded by society as broken and useless could be given a second life; a chance to be seen as beautiful and to serve a worthy purpose. The gardens received local acclaim, and have been used to stage fundraising garden tours for worthy organizations. Volunteers, many with disabilities,  grow wholesome organic foods in wheelchair accessible raised vegetable beds throughout the property, and this food is made available to others with disabilities, struggling families, and the local elderly poor who come harvest for themselves. The gardens have evolved into a local attraction, graced by art and sculpture created by some of the area's most notable artists, intermingled with lush food plantings and treasures rescued from trashcans and dumpsters. 

"I started Humpty Dumpty House in deep despair with neighborhood trash and a  young helper with a serious medical condition, and have seen it grow into a series of picturesque garden rooms that provide food for locals in need and funds for good causes, as well as inspiration and delight to weary medical students, worried family members visiting sick loved ones in the hospital, and mothers who bring their little ones in wheelchairs. If you feel your life is beyond repair and can't be turned around, come talk to us at Humpty Dumpty House -- we don't want to let you slip through the cracks." -jannike petrovska


Humpty Dumpty House

24630 University Avenue
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