Our Work

Humpty Dumpty House is about wholesome foods, brisk activity in the fresh air, and attention to medical needs. Humpty Dumpty House is a healing garden with a series of wheelchair accessible garden rooms over one third acre. Most planting beds are raised for easy gardening by those with limited bending ability and for easy wheelchair access. In addition, Humpty Dumpty House Foundation does the following:

Seeks funding for food & medical care for those in need, especially people with severe disabilities, children, and the elderly.

Grows fresh, organic vegetables and fruits which are made available to those who need it.

Provides fresh-cut flowers for hospital patients. Makes seeds, cuttings and starter plants available for people interested in a home garden.

Models & teaches healthful living including organic gardening, gardening with a disability, & healthy cooking. Helps people start their own veggie gardens at home, and provides recipes for nutritious, tasty meals.

Helps raise funds for worthy causes by making its faciities available for fundraising garden tours, seminars, and other events.

Provides a respite at its beautiful gardens across the street from the medical center in Loma Linda California, next to the Doug-Out, a home for families in town for pediatric cancer treatment. 

Teaches job skills and provides work opportunities for people with disabilities.

Provides recreational therapy opportunities for people with disabilities. 

Is working to open a specialized therapy center, where functional electrical stimulation  is used to rebuild paralyzed muscles.


Humpty Dumpty House

24630 University Avenue
Loma Linda, CA 92354